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Dealing with Chemotherapy Nausea

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One of the biggest challenges that cancer patients face when undergoing chemotherapy is the nausea that comes with it.

While not every patient will experience this annoying side effect, individuals who do will have difficulty in getting enough nutrients into their body due to the lack of appetite. This leads to weight loss and possible malnourishment.

Fortunately, there are ways to help minimize the discomfort, and it’s something that home care agencies in Atlanta can help you with. Take a look:

  • Avoid strong smells
    Half of our sense of taste relies on our sense of smell. So try avoiding the kitchen when people are cooking. If you have no one to cook for you, a caregiver in Georgia can help.
  • Avoid warm food
    If you have the time, try waiting about 30 minutes for your food to cool down. You can also enjoy a bowl of delicious ice cream!
  • Eat every 2 – 3 hours
    Sometimes your nausea is due to having an empty stomach. Try snacking on some pretzels, crackers, yogurt, or a nice cold milkshake. If you’re experiencing some difficulty preparing your meals, home care services in Loganville, Georgia, are your best bet.

Dealing with nausea caused by chemotherapy isn’t easy. But you don’t have to struggle, Personal Care services are readily available to you when you need them. Just call Acis Personal Home Care, LLC so we can help. Dial 470-437-9162 to get in touch.

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