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Discover the Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Discover the Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a general term for a collection of symptoms characterized by impairments in memory, thought, and communication. Hence, an individual with dementia usually has a caregiver in Georgia for daily assistance as it interferes with everyday activities.

As a trusted provider of home care services in Loganville, Georgia, we will discuss the early signs of dementia:

  • Subtle changes in short-term memory
    Although forgetting a task or appointment every now and then is normal, frequent short-term memory changes could be a sign of dementia. These changes are often subtle and involve short-term memory. For instance, they may remember an important event that occurred years ago but will forget where they recently left an item.
  • Difficulty accomplishing daily tasks
    Another early sign of dementia is having difficulty performing daily tasks, including household chores and personal care. They may also find it challenging to perform activities like playing board games, learning new things, or following new routines.
  • Apathy and changes in mood
    Apathy is a common symptom in early dementia and may result in the individual losing interest in their hobbies, social gatherings, and similar activities. They may also experience mood changes and a shift in personality as the condition often affects their judgment.
  • Difficulty following storylines
    Early dementia may also make it difficult for the individual to follow storylines they see on TV. They may also find it difficult to follow conversations and have a hard time finding the right words. Additionally, they may also become repetitive and ask the same questions more than once.

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