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Easy Medication Reminder Techniques for You

Easy Medication Reminder Techniques for You

It may be easy to forget when to take your medicine especially when you’re taking several at different intervals. Although it might not seem like much, some medicine may have adverse effects if you skip a dose. Thus, it is important to take them as prescribed.

As a provider of home care services in Loganville, Georgia we can give you some medication reminder tips:

  • Keep a list
    Keep track of your medication in a small notebook or a smartphone and make sure to track changes.
  • Take your medications at the same time every day
    Incorporate your medication with your daily routine such as your breakfast, brushing your teeth, or bedtime.
  • Use a pillbox
    Have a pillbox with the days of the week to remind you which medicine to take daily. Place it in a visible area such as a kitchen table away from moisture, heat, light, children, and pets.
  • Keep a calendar
    Write down doses and when refills are due so you can contact your healthcare provider or pharmacist before it’s gone.
  • Set an alarm
    Have reminders on your phone or watch to remind you to take your pills.

Finding it hard to keep track despite all the reminders? We at Acis Personal Home Care, LLC can help you. We are a provider of personal care helping our patients to live in their own homes despite their health conditions, old age, or disabilities.

We provide other services such as medication reminders, meal preparation, companionship, social interaction, light housekeeping, and a caregiver in Georgia.

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