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Exercises for Seniors to Maintain Strength and Balance

Exercises for Seniors to Maintain Strength and Balance

Making healthy choices when it comes to exercise, personal care, and food is one of the key factors to living a happier and healthier life, especially for the older population.

At Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, we understand that exercise is a vital element in maintaining and improving the physical and mental well-being of seniors. This is why we’ve selected three low-impact exercises focused on improving strength, balance, and flexibility.

  1. Walking
    This is the simplest form of physical activity on our list. It only requires comfortable walking shoes and your two feet. To make it more fun, you can join a walking group so you can exercise and socialize. Another option is to hire a caregiver in Georgia to keep you company during your morning walks.
  2. Yoga
    Trying out gentle forms of yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility, build muscle strength, and maintain your balance.
  3. Water aerobics
    The buoyancy of the water supports a person’s weight and reduces the impact on the back, hips, and knees. As such, water-based exercises are great for alleviating symptoms of joint problems and circulation issues.

Remember to ask your physician or fitness expert before starting any of these low-impact exercises.

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