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Help the Elderly Develop These Bedtime Habits for Their Overall Health

Help the Elderly Develop These Bedtime Habits for Their Overall Health

Chronic lack of sleep leads to a range of serious health conditions. Especially for elderly people with existing degenerative illnesses, quality sleep helps them manage and recover from their conditions. This is why sleep quality improvement is also included in senior home care services in Loganville, Georgia along with prescription meds and checkups.

But have you noticed your elderly loved ones experiencing some form of sleeping difficulties? If yes, it might help to hire a caregiver in Georgia to assist them. Helping them develop the following habits can also improve their overall health:

  • Enjoy a sleeping-inducing dinner. But if you think the recipes are difficult, feel free to hire a meal prep expert.
  • Practice meditation. This will help them relax and get rid of any anxieties and worries they might have, which could prevent them from falling asleep faster.
  • Light up a scented candle and listen to soothing music. If there are sleep-inducing foods, there are also scents that make drifting off to sleep a lot faster. Pair this up with white noise, delta waves, or nature sounds to get you in the proper mood for sleeping.
  • Do all necessary personal hygiene routines. Remember, skin infections are major sleep disruptors. So, it would help to hire a caregiver to render quality personal care for your elderly loved ones. That way, they’ll have experts to give them a good warm bath before going to sleep.

With these bedtime routines, the elderly will be able to enjoy the quality sleep they need to cope with their health conditions. If you need support to carry out these tasks, feel free to avail of the senior care programs at Acis Personal Home Care, LLC.

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