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Making Senior Care Accessible During the Pandemic

Making Senior Care Accessible During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic that started in 2019 is still with us this 2021. Dedicated home care agencies in Loganville GA continually extend comprehensive measures to make senior care accessible to families staying at home. Caregivers learn and follow health protocols to make sure that seniors are safe while receiving care at home.

  • Caregivers in the Frontline
    Every trained and experienced caregiver in Georgia belongs to healthcare providers committed to delivering top-quality care to the elderly community. They know that more support is needed to ensure personal hygiene, mobility assistance, transportation, housekeeping, and respite care for your senior loved one.
  • Healthcare Collaboration
    Medical and non-medical home care services in Loganville, Georgia, regularly collaborate to understand how the pandemic is affecting seniors. They see to it that both skilled and non-skilled care are available during this global crisis. Professional nurses and hands-on caregivers work together to improve the quality of life of individuals in need of care.
  • Family Cooperation
    To make senior care more accessible, family members have to cooperate by following pandemic protocols, such as wearing a face mask, distancing from people, staying at home, handwashing, and sanitizing or disinfecting surfaces inside the house. Caregivers strive to make everyone safe while personal care services are being implemented.

We, at Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, are your partners in providing full support for you and your senior family member during the pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance. Call us today!

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