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Parkinson’s Disease Management

Parkinson’s Disease Management

Parkinson’s disease is a slowly progressive disorder of the nervous system, which eventually affects the person’s movement. It is caused by the loss/degeneration of neurons that produce a certain chemical, dopamine.

Symptoms vary for each person, but it usually starts with slow or unnoticed tremors on one side of the body. When it gets worse, both sides become affected. That is why personal care is very important to help the patient move and rehabilitate. Here are some management tips to help you:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
    It is important to eat a healthy diet since nutrients from nutritious food contribute to alleviating the symptoms. Omega-3 also helps in preventing the death or degeneration of your neurons.
  • Perform regular exercise
    There is a loss or decrease in the mobility of a person that has Parkinson’s Disease. So, performing physical activities can improve one’s balance and muscle strength. There are recommended exercises that can be done with the help of a caregiver in Georgia.
  • Take prescribed medications
    There is no cure yet for this condition, but there are prescribed medicines that help in managing the symptoms. You can consult your doctors to get the best medicine that is for you!

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