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Some Challenges that Older Adults May Have Facing HIV

Some Challenges that Older Adults May Have Facing HIV

Our seniors loved ones are as very much at risk for human immunodeficiency virus or HIV as younger people are. Per the 2018 data from the CDC, 51% of 50-year-olds and older were diagnosed as having the virus.

The good news is, consistent HIV treatment can effectively prevent the viral load from becoming overwhelming and thus also prevent the deterioration of their health. Getting diagnosed and treated, however, are not that simple due to certain challenges.

Thus, to get to the point where they know their HIV status, we at Acis Personal Home Care, LLC, along with other home care agencies in Loganville GA, as providers of home care services in Loganville, Georgia, we understand that we must first identify these challenges and know how to address them.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Not being able to discuss sex with their doctor and healthcare providers due to embarrassment and/or because they don’t consider themselves to be at risk for it
  • Lack of knowledge about HIV prevention and sexual risk
  • A late diagnosis may then result in more immune system damage or the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS
  • Stigma
  • Fear of isolation and loss of support from their families, friends, and community

Fortunately, all these challenges can be mitigated by having a trained professional like a caregiver in Georgia, along with their family, to help them understand the importance of knowing their HIV status.

Having a caregiver can also help them with their personal care and other activities of daily living as well as other issues as well as give your family peace of mind.

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