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Ways to Adjust Your Interior to Suit the Elderly’s Needs

Ways to Adjust Your Interior to Suit the Elderly’s Needs

Planning to care for the elderly at home? Remember that they have unique needs. With their mobility challenges and health conditions, you might need to avail of home care services in Loganville, Georgia, to ensure their needs are met. Plus, it’s a must to make your home conducive to their overall health.

Home Interior Tweaks: Why Is It Necessary?
Your home interior will have a profound effect on your loved one’s overall health. For example, a lack of safety measures and a cluttered space could lead to accidents. And your choice of décor could inspire, confuse, or trigger anxiety.

Adjustments You Need to Make
It would help to consult an interior designer to plan out your home improvement projects strategically. Meanwhile, these simple tweaks might help you get started:

  • Widen the entryways and hallways for walker and wheelchair access.
  • Enlarge the windows to let in more natural air, light, and view.
  • Replace bulky, free-standing furniture pieces with wall-mounted ones for space-efficiency.
  • Use rugs, no-slip strips, and textured flooring materials to reduce slip, trip, and fall accidents, especially in the shower, kitchen, or bathtub.
  • Hire a personal care assistant who can also provide light housekeeping services to tidy up the home regularly.
  • Consider having the right kinds of potted indoor plants.
  • Install mobility aids, such as handrails and grab bars.
  • Pick up an open concept interior layout for ease of navigability and more space.

The right home adjustments could have a great impact on your elderly loved one’s morale and health. And if you’re now looking for an assistant or caregiver in Georgia for support in carrying out these projects, contact Acis Personal Home Care, LLC.

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